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What's Happening in K-3

Hello K3 Purple Class!


Currently we are finishing up on farm studies and are quickly moving in to zoo animals. This unit of study is both science, reading and writing. I will be sending news flashes on our email system to give you information on the animals. The zoo field trip was a great success! Thank you to all the parents that joined us and to all the kids who had a wonderful time and behaved beautifully. We saw elephants, giraffes, bats and more! 


Homework is continuing until the third week of May. Please continue to do a great job on your home practice packets. I am proud of the work the class has done so far. Let's keep it up! Please concentrate on the sight words and the sentence dictation. 


Just as a reminder, please send in snacks that do not require a spoon, and no juice. We are getting yogurt and the like on the carpet and it's getting messy. Thank you. 


I will be sending out a Sign Up Genius for Wednesday, May 31st for parent volunteers for our rotation day. We will have some fun activities for the kindergartners to do and I will need parents to oversee the activities. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do and we are zooming towards the end of our year together!




K-3 Is Learning...

What's happening...

  • Wednesday, May 10 10:30 to 11:30 - Volunteer Tea
  • Friday, May 19th - K3's last day of library
  • Thursday, May 25th from 6-7:30-Open House
  • Monday, May 29-Memorial Day Holiday
  • Tuesday, May 30-Field Day
  • Wednesday, May 31-Rotation Day
  • Thursday, June 1-Last Day of School

Homework: Please help your student to remember their homework folder needs to stay in one spot at home.  On Friday or the following Monday their folder (along with their completed homework) needs to be returned to our homework box by the front door.  It may take a few times, but the students will become used to the routine. 

Book Buddy: Our book buddies will have 2-3 books at your child's reading level.  These book buddies need to come home and be returned to the classroom every day.  On Friday the book baggies will stay in the classroom. Book Buddy bags will begin later in the month. 

Friday Binder: This binder will come home every Friday (unless there is an extended holiday) and needs to be returned on the following Monday.

Miss Nelson's Contact Info.


About Miss Nelson



My name is Amy Nelson and I have been teaching since 1995. I have taught third grade and kindergarten. I love the San Ramon Valley Unified School District because I have been here since 2000 and it feels like home at Tassajara Hills. 


I have four children, three boys and one girl. They are quadruplets and I am blessed greatly by my kids! Katie loves gymnastics and horses, Gabriel is our artist. Zeb is into technology and Hugh is a football player for the T-Birds. I cannot remember what life was like without the fab four, but I do know my life is the better for having them. 


I used to have a dog named Charlie. I have two dogs, Minnie and Snow White. My hobbies are reading, photography and hanging out my kids. I have traveled to a few places in the world and one favorite spot was Cape Town, South Africa. The people there are amazing and I can truly say that trip was the trip of a lifetime. I have also lived in London, Tennessee, Washington D.C., Texas, and Colorado. My heart belongs to California!


Every new school year is exciting and I am sure this one will be no exception!