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Mr. Jim Radkey,  Room E-6

email  jradkey2@srvusd.net

Home phone: 510 527 5282 Please do not call after 8 p.m.

Cell Phone: 510 207 7197 Please call after 3:00 on school days

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Field Trip Dates

  • Field trips are current and up to date
  • Shadow Cliff RP Wednesday, October 17th. (Return to school approx 2 p.m. after dismissal at 1:40)
  • Oakland Zoo Monday, December 17th, 2018)
  • The Old School House, ...more

Mr. Radkey

Happy November

Thank you to Monica and everyone else who came in or donated supplies for the party.  The party went very smoothly.  The activities were enjoyed by all.  The food was eyed just enough to make it what they wanted……what they had to have!!!!  I have to share that I am very proud of this group of awesome kids.  When we came back from the parade they almost automatically got into a picture formation by themselves.  You laugh but that is truly unbelievable.  The kids heard me give the plan and they followed the plan.  Amazing


I need to know that all of you are able to get into google classroom from home.

To get into google classroom:


First go to Google Login.  They will have to enter their whole email th. First initial, last name, @students.srvusd.net


Looks like this:  jradkey@students.srvusd.net (don’t forget the s!!!)


Their Password is Capital ID# and their 6 digit student ID.  EX:  ID#123456


Go to the patch and look for google classroom or just search for it.


The class code for google classroom is 1rrh74.  Wish I could help more but I am an end user and my screen looks different than the students.


Once they are in google Classroom they should be able to see I have made an assignment titled,  “Thankful Letter”

If they click on the words Thankful Letter they will get a menu that has choices ADD, CREATE, MARK AS DONE. 

They need to choose CREATE.  Then Docs from the next drop down menu.  It will take a bit to create the doc.

Then they need to click on their name and the title Thankful Letter.  Now they can type on the their document. 

This will be homework, later this week, for those that do not finish it in class.


Google Docs Note:  They want to type at the top of the page so they click there.  This put them into the header for the document.  I have shown them different types of formatting. 

Ask them to share with you and show them a bit more if you can.  Then tell them they need to come back and teach me.


For the Thankful Letter  If you can put their picture into a digital format, email etc it makes it much easier for me.  If you can put it into their google doc it is even better!!!


Breakfast Book Club forms are in their folders tonight and attached to this email.  This program usually fills up after the first day.  Ms. Mozzetti is always looking for parents to assist.  If your student wants to participate please have the form returned by tomorrow.


Zoo Field trip is Monday, December 17th.  It is an all-day field trip for the whole third grade.  You will be getting the permission slips tomorrow.  Please get them back ASAP.  We are limited to 6 parent drivers on this trip.  If you can drive please mark that information on the sheet you will receive tomorrow.  Need to know who is driving, how many seats you have for kids, and that you are cleared by be a mentor.  I will arrange the drivers to fit the needs of the class.  If there is still room after the class is taken care of I will have a fair random drawing of names to determine who else can drive.  Bigger cars are a plus!!!


Timed tests have started.  So far there have been 2 opportunities.  With this said if your student has test 3 in their folder tonight they have passed both tests.  There are 9 on test 3, 2 on test 2, and 10 taking test 1 for the last time tomorrow.  They will only take a test 3 times and then be moved up.  The passing score is 17 or more in 60 seconds. They bring home a copy of their next test before they take it so practice, practice, practice. Multiplication starts on test 3?

With this said adding and subtraction facts are a 2nd grade standard.  This is a huge foundational point for mathematics.  If they don’t have them down it would be a good idea to get some flash cards and start doing them for 5 minutes each night.  Take 10 different facts and use them until they have them down then add a few more.  This can be done over and over.  You can also do it in the car if you can drive safely and calculate at the same time.  They can make their own flash cards!!  There are computer programs “That’s a Fact.” https://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/thats_a_fact/english_K_3.html


We have been experimenting with magnets in class ask them about it.


We paint clay pots tomorrow Tuesday, November 6th at 1:40.



Meet the masters George Seurat masterpiece on Tuesday, November 14th at 1:40


Thank you

Jim Radkey



Important Dates

8/13 First Day of School!! 8:30 to 11:10 Welcome Back

8/15 2nd & 3rd Back to School Night 6:30-MPR, 7-8pm Classrooms

9/17 to 9/21 is Ability Awareness Week

9/17 Picture Make Up Day

10/4 Minimum Day ...more

Dinner Talk for 9/20/17

Voluntary Donation Request - At the beginning of the year I made a request for a $125 voluntary class donation. (See the attached letter for more information) Thank you to those that have already ...more

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Load your class photos to shutterfly so we can all enjoy them.





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Current Assignments

DAILY Take Their Thing A Ma Jig (pendoflex) home with MATH JOURNAL and RED FOLDER inside.

Do nightly homework that is written on the daily assignment sheet

Read each night for at least 20 minutes or ...more

Learn a Bit About Mr. Radkey

Here is a bit of background information on me, Mr. James Radkey.

I was born in a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, named Park Forest. It was a great place to grow up. I will use many of the ...more

Back To School Night 18-19 Presentation

Click on the link to view the information that was shared at Back To School Night Web BTSN Power Point 18-19.pptx (PPTX)

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