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Welcome to the Parent Resources Page

We hope that the information provided on this page will be helpful in answering common questions regarding policies and procedures. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact our school office at 855-7800 or contact our principal, Ann Dodson, at adodson@srvusd.net


School Programs

Independent Study

The School Board authorized independent study as an optional alternative instructional strategy by which students may reach curriculum objectives (CA Education Code 51747d).  The district's independent study option shall be substantially equivalent in quality and quantity to classroom instruction.  It entails a commitment by both the parent and the student.  (School Board policy 6158 a).  


No student shall be required to participate in independent study.  Parents who are interested in independent study for their child should contact the school office staff. Before beginning the independent study, each written agreement shall be signed and dated by the student, the parent, and the teacher.


Students may be given the opportunity to complete a written independent study contract during a planned absence from regular classes for a period of five or more consecutive school days.  The follow guidelines shall apply:

1. The parent and student shall be responsibility for initiating the request for an independent study contract.

2. No student is entitled to a short-term independent study agreement in excess of ten but not to exceed twenty consecutive instructional school days without approval by the principal.

3. Requests for independent study contracts must be given to the teacher within the following limitations, except where an emergency exists and an exception is made by the principal:

          5-10 days of consecutive absences:  3-5 days notice to teacher

          For more than 10 days of consecutive planned absences:  Contact principal for approval.  


The objective of the Independent Study agreement is to enable the student to keep current with his/her studies for a period of time in which the student is absent.  The assignments are due the day the student is scheduled to return to class.  Failure to complete assignments by the due date will affect grades and jeopardize future requests for Independent Study.


Health and Wellness Information

Internet Postings

Important information on Cyber Bullying
Internet Posting and Distribution of Videos or Photos of Students by Families. The District supports the use of video and still photography by families to record their children’s experiences in school events.  However, in order to protect the privacy of their children and the children of other families that may be in the pictures, videos and photos should not be placed on Internet sites in an unrestricted manner.  For example, videos posted on YouTube should be flagged as “private” instead of “public”.  “Private” videos can be shared with specific family members and friends and will not be available to all YouTube users.  Other photo and video sharing sites have similar privacy settings.