Tassajara Hills Elementary School

Abilities Awareness & Special Education



Welcome to Tassajara Hills Elementary’s Ability

Awareness and Special Education Resourccommunity!

This section of Tassajara Hills Elementary’s website,

including linked pages, has been developed to

advocate and share awareness on behalf of those

with special needs, communicate information to

parents and caregivers who are new to the special education process,

and share community resources that are available to you.

Did you know…?

Approximately 20-25% of a student body population

identifies has having a ‘different ability’ or ‘special

need’. Students and parents are not alone in their

struggles as much as they might think. Each month,

THE will highlight a “Get to Know…” section that will

be devoted to better explaining a ‘different’

developmental, learning, or physical ability to better

understand the condition and encourage empathy

and understanding among the THE community.

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