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Mrs. Gueffroy's 2nd Grade Class

1st Day of School

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule


Monday 2:00-2:50- Computer Lab 

Tuesday 9:15-10:05 Physical Education with Ms. Erin Halonen - Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Tuesday 1:40-2:10 Library with Mrs. Rhee

Thursday 9:15-10:05 Physical Education with Ms. Erin Halonen  - Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Friday 1:10-2:00 - Science Lab with Mrs. Lynn Ertola-It is important that the children do not miss class unless they are sick.


Stride for Pride Running the Track-time to still be determined



10:15-10:30 am -  Recess

10:30ish-Morning snack

12:20pm - 1:05pm -  Lunch Period

1:50pm - Afternoon snack, drink and bathroom break



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What's Happening in 2nd Grade



Reading and Writing

We have continued with non-fiction units in reading and writing.   Students have been learning about all of the different text features, such as: headings, titles, captions, table of contents, diagrams, etc.  We have been reading a variety of non-fiction books and jotting down facts that we’ve learned and questions we may have about the topic on sticky notes as we read.  


After winter break students will take the knowledge that they’ve learned from their readings to create non-fiction “All About” books.  They will writing a chapter book on a non-fiction topic.  For example, they may write about elephants.  The different chapters could be: what they eat, where they live and the environment, the different roles in a heard and what they do for fun. They will have a cover page, dedication page, table of contents, and practice using such text features as labels and diagrams in their writing.  They will also be working with a partner to create a non-fiction poster on a topic of their choice. They will learn to “fancy up” their books by including a cover, all about the author page, table of contents, glossary page, etc. 


In reading we are continuing to focusing on non-fiction books.  They are learning about the parts of non-fiction books and how they help them understand the information. They have been working with a partner researching specific topics.  Together they worked on and created a poster with facts and pictures.  The week before vacation they shared their poster with the class.  This was be the first presentation of the year.



In module 4 we are working on addition and subtraction within 200. In this module we began regrouping, or as we called it, borrowing and carrying. I have shown the kids extra tools that are on the class homework website.  There are math fact practice links as well as manipulative tools: base ten blocks, place value disks, ten frames and pattern blocks.

Regrouping in MATH has been a bit of a challenge, but we keep learning new ways to help us to grasp what we are doing and why.  We will finish Module 4 after vacation and take the assessment in January.  It has been great to see that students that are taking advantage of the ZEARN lessons.  









Classroom Donations- THANK YOU for the classroom donations that we have received to help support our classroom this year!! We have received a couple more. Your donation will help supply our class with paint, construction paper, ribbon, yarn, tissue paper, printer cartridges, classroom science supplies, student journals/folders/notebooks, copying from the District Duplicating Center and so much more… If you would still like to make your voluntary donation you can send in a check for $125 payable to Tassajara Hills Elementary School or visit the Tassajara Hills web page online.




BOXTOPS: Send in General Mills boxtops for education. This is a quick easy way for our school to earn some money. In the past it has helped us buy benches, trees, and technology supplies.











Contact Information

Mrs. Gueffory can be contacted at:

School Phone Number 

(925) 855-7800


Tassajara Hills Elementary School

4675 Camino Tassajara Road

Danville, California 94506


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Important Dates:




1/14 Meet the Masters Assembly
1/18 Disney Character Day
1/18 Report Cards Sent Home
1/21 Martin Luther King Holiday
1/26 Winter Ball
1/29 100th Day of School
1/31 American Heart Challenge Kickoff Assemblies


2/4 Words Matter Week
2/6 Street Start Assemblies
2/18 Presidents’ Day Holiday
2/21 Science Night

4/1 - 4/5 Spring Break
4/11 Science Expo
4/23 Staff Meeting
4/25 Multi-Cultural Night

5/23 Open House