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Mrs. Gueffroy's 2nd Grade Class

1st Day of School
Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule


Monday 8:20-9:19 Physical Education  - Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Tuesday 9:10-10:00 Science in the Science Lab. It is important that the children do not miss class unless they are sick

Wednesday 10:50-11:40 Physical Education - Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Thursday 2:00-2:45 Computer Lab 

Friday 10:40-11:10Library with Mrs. Rhee

Stride for Pride Running the Track-time to still be determined



Recess-10:00-10:15 am 

Morning Snack 10:15ish

Lunch-12:30pm - 1:15pm - M,T, Th, F 

Wednesday Lunch 12:00-12:30
1:50pm -
Afternoon snack, drink and bathroom break




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Typing Club

What's Happening in 2nd Grade

March 23, 2020

Dear Second Grade Parents,

In a week filled with many firsts, we hope you were able to relax and enjoy some quality time at home with your families. Thank you for your patience in hearing from us. In a climate where information is changing daily, we needed time to form a plan that would allow distance learning to be fun and engaging as well as flexible and convenient. 

The second grade team has put together a student assignment schedule to help you and your child create a daily learning routine at home. Students will need parent support, however our goal is aimed to create activities that students can complete independently.

Each Monday we will post our weekly assignments on our classroom websites as well as send them in an email to you. We want you to think of our assignment schedule as a menu. Students may complete their assignments in any order they want. Students should be spending about 30 minutes on each assignment, but if they want to spend a little more time on something that is fine. 

We miss our students and would love to see what they are working on and enjoying. If possible, once a day take a picture of your child participating in an at-home assignment and email it to your teacher. 

Much of the assignments will require access to the SRVUSD online learning platforms. Here are some reminders about how to access these resources.

SRVUSD Student Portal

Once students are logged in they may gain access to Dreambox, Twig Science and Brainpop Jr. You can also find a link to the portal on the Tassajara Hills Website and our classroom websites.

To login:

·         Students use their district ID and Password to login - Student login information is also on a sticker inside their Homework Folder

·         Student ID: th.first initial and last name 

·         Student Password: ID# with six digit ID number

·         th.kgueffroy

·         ID#123456

To access Dreambox DO NOT go through, as we have a district license which requires students to log in through the Clever App


To login to Raz-kids reading students must use their district ID and Password. The one difference is that they do not need to add ID# to their password.

·         th.kguefffroy

·         123456

Logging into Zearn and Typing Club also requires the student’s district ID and Password but you do not go through the district student portal.

·          th.kgueffroy 

·         ID#123456

As our team was putting this assignment schedule we agreed flexibility was the key word. Our students love structure and to be held accountable for their own learning.  Which makes this a great time to get creative and fun! Continue to encourage your child to find something that they are interested in and learn more about it. Continue to support play where students build and test engineering properties with Legos or blocks. At the end of the day we just want to encourage our students to be curious and thoughtful.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have as we navigate this new journey together.

Thank you, as always, for your support at home. Be well and stay healthy.


The Second Grade Team



Last spring 2nd grade was able to purchase a class set of Chromebooks…Thank you Foundation!  I then purchased a Chromebook charging station that can hold 16 Chromebooks, we currently have 10. Thank you Parker's and Virag's Family for donating a Chromebook, mouse and keyboard protector!!!! We I would love to be able to fill the cart.  If anyone is willing to purchase a Chromebook for the class, and/or is looking for a great tax write-off, we would love to accept one or more.  There is an Amazon link on our class website to the district approved device.




Contact Information

Mrs. Gueffory can be contacted at:

School Phone Number 

(925) 855-7800


Tassajara Hills Elementary School

4675 Camino Tassajara Road

Danville, California 94506


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