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Ms. Hunter's 5th grade class

Important Dates for Room D2

Fifth grade Apps and Websites

Throughout the year, students will be using the following Apps and Websites.

Comic Book, Google Apps for Education, Google classroom, RAZ-KIDS PuppetEDU, RazKids, Science a-z, Typing club, Ed1stop, Edmodo, TenMarks, Khan Academy, Social Studies Website, Science Website, Zearn Website, StoryWorks Website,, US Studies Weekly Science, and USA Studies Weekly Website.



Quick Links

Field Trips

Blackhawk Museum September 2018

Walker Creek January 22-25, 2019

Lawrence Hall of Science February 2019

Diablo Vista: May  2019

5th grade play May 15, 2019

Open House: May 23, 2019

Little Hills Ranch 5th grade picnic: May 28, 2019

Field Day: May 29, 2019

5th grade Send Off May 30, 2019

January 2019

January, 2019


Hello Families of D2,


Happy New Year! I hope you have a relaxing and restful winter break. 

Thank you to our wonderful room parents and parent volunteers for all their work putting on our holiday party. 


If your child is participating in Battle of the Books please help me by reminding them that they need to continue to read the books on the list. 



Reading: We are continuing our non-fiction reading unit. All students should be reading both a chapter book and a non-fiction book. Non-Fiction reading is a very important unit and we will be looking at different text features and text structure found in non-fiction books. Increasing the students vocabulary will also be a focus area. Students will learn to find the meaning of words based on how they appear in the text. We have just finished Bridge to Terabithia and we will be starting Wonder. 


Writing: We will be continuing our Informational Write: Through the Lens of History.  We are combining our informational writing with our studying of the 13 original colonies in social studies.  We also will continue to work on events that have happened in 5th grade to be used for our memoir at the end of the year, 


Math: We have started module 4 and this is a very important module. It is very important that the students keep up with the Zearn lessons for the module. Also continue to work on Dreambox.  For additional math help I have linked some parent tips sheets and parent video's on the right hand side of this home page.

Science: We have just finished our second unit: Web of Life. Our next unit: The Spaceship Earth will be started the first week in January. This unit will be about 6 weeks long.


Social Studies: Our next unit of study is Age of Colonies. We are learning about the original 13 colonies and the reason why they started. We are using this unit to research different colonies and write an information paper on the colonization of the original 13 colonies.


If your child is participating in NHD they need to be working on taking notes about their topic. I will be checking in with the students periodically and help them with any questions that they might have.


Remember that we have P.E. on Wednesday, so wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Mrs. Dodson has started looking for a new music teacher. If your child plays an instrument please have then continue practicing and hopefully Mrs. Dodson will find a music teacher soon.  so I will be working with the students on the songs for our Veterans Day Program.


Using the link attached, login to Dreambox! Use your school username and password to login.
Log into Dreambox. Use your school username and password to login. 
Username: th.firstinitiallastname
Password: ID# _ _ _ _ _ _
Once you have logged in go to STUDENT APPLICATIONS and click click on Dreambox.
Sign into Dreambox using the same username and password above.
Have fun!


Dreqmbox link

Field Trips and Activities

Blackhawk Museum September


Walker Creek January 22-25, 2019 (Tuesday - Friday)


Lawrence Hall of Science February


Diablo Vista May


Little Hills 5th grade picnic May 28, 2019


BBQ and Field Day May 29, 2019


5th grade Send-Off May 30, 2019


Last day of school May 31, 2019


Parking Lot Procedures

**Parking Lot Procedures** Please remember to be both responsible and courteous when picking up your children. You are asked to not use your cell phone, and please respect and follow the directions of the teachers and staff that are on duty. If you prefer to park and walk over to pick up your child, please use the crosswalk near the stop sign. More and more parents are crossing through the traffic which is dangerous for everyone and slows down the pick up line.


Please watch this video to see the parking lot procedures.  Together we can keep all our students safe!

Contact information


school phone number: 925 855-7800

school attendance number: 925 855-7898


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Math Help

You Tube video's 


link to videos for homework help

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6


Parent Math Tips Sheets

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6


Tips to get to Dreambox

Helpful Links

Typing Club


Zearn Math


USA Studies Weekly


Science a-z

  teacher dhunter19





Classroom Donations

THANK YOUfor your donations received so far to help support our classroom this year!! Your donation will help with many of our classroom supplies! Your donation supports: the student planners that each of your students use to write down their nightly homework, a subscription to US Studies (Social Studies) and Science Weekly, a newspaper the supplements the social studies  and science curriculum, the 5thgrade t-shirt that each student receives for the fifth grade picnic, ink cartridges, district copy fees, open house projects and craft materials to name a few, as well as a ton of other classroom project supplies.


If you would still like to make your voluntary donation it’s not too late! You can send in a check for $125 payable to Tassajara Hills Elementary School or visit the Tassajara Hills webpage to pay online.



SRVUSD has implemented a new system for all adults who wish to volunteer on a school campus or drive/chaperone day and overnight field trips and athletic events. This Volunteer Management System features a web-based software application that allows the District and all schools to better track and provide the appropriate level of clearance for school volunteers.

ALL adult volunteers will need to go through this new process. The District will NOT be asking parents to incur any of the costs associated with these clearance processes. For more information, and to begin the application process, click here (

5th grade supply list






2 - 12 packs of Ticonderoga Pencils

1 - 3 ring binder 1.5 in. wide

1 - 5 tab dividers

2 - packs of binder paper college ruled 8 1/2 x 11

4 - large glue sticks

2 - red ballpoint pens

2 - Five Star spiral grid/graph notebook paper 8 1/2 x 11

2 - 12 pack Crayola Colored Pencils

1 - 12 pack Crayola Makers (thin tip)

2 - packs of Post-its (3x3)

2 - Sharpies Fine Tip

1 - set of ear buds

1 - ream of pastel colored copy paper

1 - scissors pointed tip 8 in.

D2 Wish List

Ink HP 96  black cartridge

and HP 97 color cartridge




Disinfectant Whips


Chromebooks (See me for details)