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Shannon Lechner


5/27 Historic Downtown Danville Walking Tour fieldtrip


           Memorial Day

6/1 3rd grade Field Day

6/2 Last Day of School!!

       minimum day schedule link


Here is a list of the Apps that we use in the classroom:

3rd Grade Splashmath

Math Kid

Math Express


Meerkat math

Ace Multiply

Math Bingo


Pic Collage



Scholastic Book Order Video

Scholastic Book Video



What I am... featuring Wiil I Am and Seasme Street

What I Am....

Forest Home Farms


May 20, 2022


Dear Families -


As you saw on Thursday night the class has been busy!! Each student did such a wonderful job writing and publishing their All About Books. I hope you enjoyed reading it and sharing it together. I also hope you enjoyed reading all of the poetry they wrote. One item that did not make it onto desks for Open House is our Danville Timeline. We are working on completing it and it will come home at the end of the year. We continue to read Charlotte’s Web. Wilbur and friends are at the fair awaiting  judging to see if Wilbur will win for best Spring pig.  We are done with our math modules for the year and will spend the next 2 weeks reviewing 3rd grade math concepts. In science we are studying weather and learned about the different types of clouds in the sky and what type of weather they bring. 


DOWNTOWN DANVILLE WALKING TOUR: Our fieldtrip to downtown Danville is next Friday, May 27th, On this day students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking. If your student has THE spirit wear, it would be great if they could wear it. It helps identify us as a group. The tour will be about an hour and then we will eat lunch in front of the Danville Library. Students will need to bring a bag lunch.


Here are the drivers and chaperones coming on the trip with us:


Mrs. Ghiacy

Mrs. Birdi

Mrs. Mari

Mrs. Burshtain

Mr. Chua

Mrs. Hazarika



Mr. Kenion

Mrs. Bron

FIELD DAY: 3rd grade field day will be on Wednesday, June 1st from  8:30am - 11:30am. Please be sure your student wears appropriate clothes and tennis shoes for outdoor activities. It is a good idea to put sunblock on them before they come to school that day as well. They should bring a water bottle with them so they can keep hydrated. Thanks for the help. Looking forward to a fun day!

If you are interested in helping out on this date, click on the link below.

Field Day Volunteers


DONATIONS: Thank you to all who have given a classroom donation. It is greatly appreciated. If you have not donated yet and would like to you can use this Foundation Link for more information.

Nightly Reading: Every student should be reading 20 minutes or more a night. A good guide for if a book is at the correct level, is the 5 finger rule. If your child misses 5 or more words on a page, then that book is probably not an appropriate reading level.

EARBUDS: If you have not done so yet, please send in a pair of earbuds for your child to keep in the classroom. These will be use daily with Chromebooks. 

TARDIES: Please remember that school starts at 8:00 am. Students who are not in the classroom at this time will be marked tardy.

MULTIPLICATION FACTS: Students should be working on memorizing their multiplication facts. At a math training I attended the instructor recommended leaning the facts in this order:

-     2,5,10

-     3,6,9,12

-     4,8,7

A great way to do this is divide flash cards into these groups. Work on the first 3 numbers. Once those are memorized, move onto the next group. When you student memorizes those, add them to the first group. Do this until you have worked through all the groups. Hope this tip is a helpful one J

AMAZON SMILE: Do you shop at Did you know that 0.5% of your purchases could be donated to support all the programs that the PTA provides and funds? Here is how:

-          Go to Amazon Site and log into your account.

-          When prompted to select a charity, enter Tassajara Hills Elementary PTA.

-          Now all purchases you make from (instead of will donate 0.5% to our PTA! Simply remember to do it from!

If you shop from your iPhone or iPad, you will need to do the following once on each device:

-          Delete the old Amazon app.

-          Open Safari and type in the web address field.

-          Touch the share button (looks like a box with an arrow).

-          Touch Add to Home Screen.

-          Touch Add.

-          Now you have an icon on your iPhone or iPad where you can purchase from and support all the programs our kids enjoy at school!


Amazon Smile Supports THE

email address -

school number - 855 - 7800


About the Teacher

Hi! I am excited to be your child's teacher this year.
I was born and raised in Pleasanton. I attended
Chico State University and received my teaching credential from St. Mary's University. This will be my 26th year teaching 25 of which have been here at Tassajara Hills. During my free time spend time with family and
friends. I have 2 children, Gabe is 22 and in his senior year at UNR. Jalyn is 20 and will be transferring to Baylor University in Waco, Texas...Sick 'Em Bears! I love to read and travel. My favorite activities are running and Peloton. My husband Adam and I have A LOT of animals. We have 3 dogs: 1 English Bulldog names Bonita, and 2 Frenchies Pearl and Violet Blu. We also have 2 tortoises, 4 cats, 2 goats, a chinchilla and our newest addition: 3 Kune Kune pigs. Yes we do live on a farm! You hear will lots of stories about their antics throughout the year. I look forward to a wonderful year with you and your child.


The Giving Tree

Here are some things we would appreciate in the classroom:

Classroom Needs

Page Up x 27

2 automatic hand sanitizer dispensers

Epson 125 ink printer cartridges

(Black,Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)


gallon ziplock bags

sandwich ziplock bags


Flexible Seating

Surf Desk - black

Bungee Chair


The Tassajara Hills Foundation and PTA work hard to help supplement and support the staff and students at Tassajara Hills! Many of our fabulous programs are funded by Foundation and supported by PTA!

Check out the Foundation Website or PTA Website to find out more about these groups! 

Did you know that in the Foundation will spend approximately $560 per child to help supplement their education in the 2010/2011 school year? Click here for more "did you knows" about foundation!

Did you know that we have SIX Family Fun Events planned for next year sponsored by PTA?