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Shannon Lechner





1/21 MLK Day

        NO SCHOOL

1/26 Winter Ball

1/29 Old School House fieldtrip

2/15 Staff Development Day

        NO SCHOOL

2/18 President's Day

        NO SCHOOL

2/21 Science Night

3/5 Rancho Macedo fieldtrip


4/18 Forest Home Farms


5/23 Open House


Dreambox Math



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Halloween TYNKER link


Here is a list of the Apps that we use in the classroom:

3rd Grade Splashmath

Math Kid

Math Express


Meerkat math

Ace Multiply

Math Bingo


Pic Collage



Scholastic Book Order Video

What I am... featuring Wiil I Am and Seasme Street

a great read in and book exchange!
a great read in and book exchange!

January 18, 2019


Hello -

This week the class reviewed what we had learned in the past about Martin Luther King Jr. and read a book about him called Martin’s Big Words. Each student then wrote about a dream they have to change the world for the better. In the computer lab they typed this in a thought bubble that they glued above a picture of themselves thinking. What great thinkers with innovative and caring ideas they had! We continue to work with non-fiction in both Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. We have been discussing our Biography reports daily. This week students made a timeline for their famous person. We will use those events to write journal entries for the diary. I will help the students to make sure they understand how the entries are written in first person. We will write about 4 entries in class which I will review. These rough drafts will come home and students can copy them to be used as a final product in their report diary. In Mystery Science this week we learned about how people have used selection to change traits in animals like making an iguana with a more blue color, a dairy cow that produces more milk, and sheep with more wool. Ask your child to tell you about how the Chinese created the Pekinese dog. Student wrote today about some New Year’s resolutions. They wrote about their favorite memory from 2018. The picked a bad habit that they have that they wanted to change in the New Year. They wrote one personal goal and 4 school goals. On Monday we had our 3rd meet the Masters where students learned about the American artist Mary Cassat.


OLD SCHOOL HOUSE: January 29th is our fieldtrip to the old school house. We are looking forward to it. All girls (who did not have and outfit at home) will pick an outfit from the class supply to wear. Please refer to the sheet that went home for more information on what the students should wear and how they should pack their lunch. If you are looking for more clothing ideas check out this website:  For this fieldtrip we will have a morning snack. There are a few things we need for this. Please let me know if you would be willing to make or donate any of the following:

25 cornbread muffins


Here are the driver’s and chaperones for our fieldtrip. Remember you must also come dressed for the time period and follow the food guidelines.


Mrs. Schulte

Mrs. Riofrio

Mrs. Ferrell

Mrs. Stamp

Mrs. Burger

Mrs. Zandi


Mrs. Link

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs. Hull

Mrs. Gregory


SCIENCE NIGHT: Get your tickets now!

This year, the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose will be hosting "Secret Agent Science" -- a hands-on science festival -- at our school on Thursday, February 21. To avoid crowding, we will have two separate sessions: 5:30-6:45pm for grades K-2; and 6:45-8:00pm for grades 3-5. Families with mixed-grade students may choose whichever one session to attend. Capacity is limited, so please reserve your spot early: online via the FutureFund website. A voluntary donation of $10 per child is kindly requested to cover the cost of this event. Only children (students & siblings) need to sign up; adults and babies-in-arm attend for free.



BOXTOPS: Send in General Mills Boxtops for Education. This is a quick easy way for our school to earn some money. In the past it has helped us buy benches, trees, and technology supplies.

NUT ALLERGIES: We do have some students with nut allergies in our classroom. Please be mindful of this when you send in any kind of food for birthdays or on holidays.


MULTIPLICATION FACTS: Students should be working on memorizing their multiplication facts. At a math training I attended the instructor recommended leaning the facts in this order:

-     2,5,10

-     0,1,11

-     3,6,9,12

-     4,8,7

A great way to do this is divide flash cards into these groups. Work on the first 3 numbers. Once those are memorized, move onto the next group. When you student memorizes those, add them to the first group. Do this until you have worked through all the groups. Hope this tip is a helpful one J

AMAZON SMILE: Do you shop at Did you know that 0.5% of your purchases could be donated to support all the programs that the PTA provides and funds? Here is how:

-          Go to and log into your account.

-          When prompted to select a charity, enter Tassajara Hills Elementary PTA.

-          Now all purchases you make from (instead of will donate 0.5% to our PTA! Simply remember to do it from!

If you shop from your iPhone or iPad, you will need to do the following once on each device:

-          Delete the old Amazon app.

-          Open Safari and type in the web address field.

-          Touch the share button (looks like a box with an arrow).

-          Touch Add to Home Screen.

-          Touch Add.

-          Now you have an icon on your iPhone or iPad where you can purchase from and support all the programs our kids enjoy at school!


Amazon Smile Supports THE

The Giving Tree

Here are some things we would appreciate in the classroom:


Epson 125 ink printer cartridges (Black,Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)


gallon ziplock bags

sandwich ziplock bags


Below is the link to sign up to volunteer for Math Stations, Computer Lab, Correcting spelling/Filing. Thank you for all the in class help. It is greatly appreciated!


Volunteer Sign Up Genius

email address -

school number - 855 - 7800


About the Teacher

Hi! I am excited to be your 
child's teacher this year. 
I was born and raised in 
I went attended 
Chico State University and 
received my teaching credential 
from St. Mary's University in Moraga. 
This will be my 23nd year teaching 
22 of which have been here at 
Tassajara Hills. During my free time 
spend time with family and
friends. I have 2 children, Gabe is 
19 and starting his junior year in college
 and Jalyn who is 17 and will be a 
senior at Monte Vista. I love to read 
and travel. I like running.
I try lots of different races. 
My husband Adam and I 
have two Shipoo dogs
named LOLA and Foxy, and a Bulldog 
named Bonita. We also have a tortoise,
 rabbit, 2 cats and a chinchilla.
Yes we do live on a farm! You hear 
will lots of stories about their 
antics throughout the year.
It was a  great summer! We spent
time in the Tahoe seeing Keith
Urban for our anniversary. We also
spent time in Anaheim where Jalyn 
had a dance competition, so of 
course we had to visit
Disneyland! I look forward to 
a wonderful year with you and 
your child.


The Tassajara Hills Foundation and PTA work hard to help supplement and support the staff and students at Tassajara Hills! Many of our fabulous programs are funded by Foundation and supported by PTA!

Check out the Foundation Website or PTA Website to find out more about these groups! 

Did you know that in the Foundation will spend approximately $560 per child to help supplement their education in the 2010/2011 school year? Click here for more "did you knows" about foundation!

Did you know that we have SIX Family Fun Events planned for next year sponsored by PTA?