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Mrs. Kerr's Kindergarten Class

Hooray for Kindergarten!
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Walk-a-thon Celebration Song


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Our Class Mascot
Our Class Mascot
We love our blue shirts! August 2018
We love our blue shirts! August 2018
This Week's Newsletter
This Week's Newsletter

How to Log on to DreamBox Using Your Home Computer



Kindergarten School Supply List

Be A Mentor

Please go on the school website to sign up on Be A Mentor so you can help in class and go on field trips. You must do this to participate in class or with students. It takes several weeks to be approved so you will want to do this now if you have not done so already. There are so many special events that you will not want to miss out on. Plus your child will love to have you in class.

Letters and Sounds

If your child doesn't yet know their letters and sounds we need to get busy right away to help them learn them. Further down on my website there are YouTube learning videos posted. Please help them find the ones that will help them learn and practice their letters and sounds. You may also want to purchase the Leap Frog DVD called The Letter Factory as that is the easiest way for them to learn them quickly! You can get it on Amazon or at Target for around $7.

How to Retell a Story video

Eureka Mathematics Parent Newsletter

Parent Resources for Kindergarten Mathematics

Classroom Wish List

Thank you for all your generous playground donations! The kids are loving the new balls and sand toys!!!


Lacey and Rosie playing together

The New Report Card Video

Each of Us is a Flower Song

Our Thanksgiving Show

Reading Celebration - Sharing what kind of books we like most.

Reading Celebration Video


Click the link above to see the video

Thank You SRVUSD Ed Foundation

How to tie shoes

How to teach your child to tie their shoes

Great Lunch Ideas for School Kids

Getting Started in Kindergarten

Please have your child go to the bathroom before coming to school

Bring an easy to eat brunch every day in your lunch box

Empty your bag at home every day

Label all jackets and sweaters with name

Check email daily for reminders about school

Homework Hints

Homework Hints

1-Please have your child put their number on the front of their homework packet each week.

2-Please have your child do the homework assigned on the day indicated as I want them to have class instruction and practice prior to their practice at home.

3-Once we have learned a letter in handwriting I expect it to be done correctly especially in their name.

4-Please no stickers on homework folders. You may want to start a paper on their bedroom wall at home for them to post their stickers. Stickers on the folders become very messy soon so please don’t let them put them on their folders.

5-This week we will begin first name practice in the homework. They should only do two rows each day. Please don’t let them do them all at once as they get tired and messy. We are going for practice makes perfect—just a little bit each day. Try to watch them to see if they are starting on the dot and forming the letters correctly. Also remind them to mind the lines.

6-Please review last weeks homework with your child, going over what is great and what needs more practice. Be sure to compliment them!

7-Use Star Readers for book talks not leveled readers.


Start the Year 2018

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Mrs. Kerr
Mrs. Kerr

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Lacey-6 months
Lacey-6 months
Rosie and Chloe
Chloe and Rosie
My puppy, Rosie
My new puppy, Rosie


Remember to bring Box Tops
Bring in your used ink cartridges


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