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Wish List

To help our students keep track of classroom books going to and from school, we need Book Buddy bags! I found them at Oriental Trading Company, item #13831709. They come in sets of 3 with 6 bags to a set. Our classroom would need two sets (36 bags total). Thank you!

Meet Your Teacher


My name is Amy Nelson and I go by Miss Nelson. I love living in the Bay Area, but I grew up in the Los Angeles area. I have four beautiful children that are turning 14 years old! Whew...time flies by. I love to sing, take photos, spend time with my family and baking. Our family has two dogs, named Minnie Pearl and Snow White. They are both rescue dogs that became part of our hearts and lives very easily. Teaching is my dream job and I am fortunate to work at this great school, Tassajara Hills! I have been teaching here since 2000, but started teaching in 1996 in Thousand Oaks. Thank you for reading about me and now I am excited to get to know all of you!

Amy Nelson

Welcome to Kindergarten in K3!

      I am excited about meeting and getting to know everyone! We are going to be very busy learning how to read, write and do math. We will have fun and work hard in K3. 

      I hope to see all of you at Popsicles in the Park on Saturday, August 10th. The event takes place from 11 to 1 and I will be attending from 11:30 to 12:30. We also have the chance to see each other on Picture Day, Monday, August 12th. I will be by the corner of K2 to say hello. 


Just a few reminders...

Parent Reminder List

1. Please sign up for a student assessment, in the first two weeks of school we all attend from 8:10-11:40. After school I will be assessing each student one on one. Please sign up online through Sign Up Genius for an assessment time. You will drop off your child to me and I will assess your child for 45 minutes in the classroom. You may wait outside or leave and come back to pick up your child.

2. Please do not get your child a backpack for school. In kindergarten, each child gets a school bag with a matching t-shirt. This is paid for by your classroom donations. 

3. Classroom donations ($125) cover the cost of shirt, bag, folders, construction paper, and all things to run a great kindergarten program. 

4. In order to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips you must be registered with Volunteer Management Systems (aka Be A Mentor) -- see the school website. Please sign up now--you are not going to want to miss our Thanksgiving Feast, Halloween Parade and more. Here is the link:


Birthdays -

We love to celebrate birthdays at school! If you would like to bring something for the students, please make sure it has no nuts, nut oils or gelatin. All treats should be individually portioned and all the same (no cakes to cut or big bags to give individual portions). Non-food treats are always welcomed!


Important Dates

August 10: Popsicles in the Park                                                 11-1

August 12: Picture Day                                                                  1-4

August 13: First Day of School                                                      8:10-9:40

August 14: After school assessments begin (Sign Up Genius for times)

August 19: Make up Picture Day                                                   (during school hours)

August 20: Back-to-School Night for Kinder and 1st                      6:30

August 26: Early/Late Kindergarten schedule begins                    8:10-12:10 and 9:10-1:10

August 30: Minimum Day                                                               8:10 to 10:40



Please have your child go to the bathroom before coming to school.


Bring an easy to eat snack every day in your purple bag.


Empty your bag at home every day.


Label all jackets and sweaters with name.


Check email daily for reminders about school.


Please leave your child's name off the supplies as we will be sharing. Thank you!


2 Packs Crayola Twistables Crayons, 8 pack, long style, basic colors

2 Sharpie markers, fine tip, black

1 12 pack Ticonderoga, Beginner with Eraser pencils

1 Pencil Pouch, zippered, 3 hole for binders

1 binder, 1 inch, interior pockets, clear view, white

1 binder, 1/2 inch, interior pockets, clear view, white

1 24 pack Scotch brand glue sticks

1 4-pack, Dry Erase, fine tip, black markers

1-Please have your child put their number on the front of their homework packet each week.

2-Please have your child do the homework assigned on the day indicated as we will be learning the skill that day and this will be home practice.

3-Once we have learned a letter in handwriting, I will be looking for good formation especially in their name.

4-Please no stickers on homework folders as they become very messy with lots of handling over time.

5-This week we will begin first name practice in the homework. They should only do two rows each day. Please keep to this schedule so that neatness is shown in their work. We are saying practice make progress and progress happens a little each day!

6-Be sure to compliment your student on their great efforts.

7-Remind your student to turn in their homework on Friday to the pink Homework basket.