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Assignments for Monday, August 24th:

*Lesson 5 Math, Problem Set and Homework

*Math Exit Ticket (on Seesaw)

*Handwriting (completed in class)

*Phonics Homework (on Seesaw)

*Nightly reading

Assignments for Tuesday, August 25th:


Mrs. Johns First Grade


Dear Parents,


Welcome to First Grade!! We want to share our excitement and provide you with some information about the start of our year together. We know after the end of the last school year, we are all facing unknowns in the days and weeks to come. 


Whether we are learning together remotely, or we are sharing space in our classroom, We are thrilled that you are part of this community of learners and are excited to spend our days learning and growing together!


We will face challenges, successes, frustrations, and joys together this year. Remember we are all in this together and you are not alone! If you ever feel like you need something, we are here to support you!


Helpful Hints

As the new school year approaches, we would like to share some helpful hints that we think will make the start of the school year go more smoothly.


  • Please make sure your child comes to school prepared to learn. This means that they have received: 

    • A good night's rest 

    • Eaten a healthy breakfast before school starts

    • Ready for school by 7:55

    • All supplies for the day are accessible

    • Quiet work space at a table or a desk

    • Access to water bottle and a snack 

Click HERE for our Google Meet/Zoom Virtual Meeting Expectations.


  • We encourage you to provide your child with headphones, in order to limit distractions and interruptions. We have learned that this helps students maintain focus on the task at hand. 

  • Make sure your student’s work space is clear of distractions (toys, TV, others on calls, etc.) 

  • Be on time for class meetings and small groups. 

  • Stay positive and remind your child they can do hard things.___________________________________________________________


Individual assessments will begin on Monday, August 17th at 11:30. Please check the Assessment Schedule for your student’s assessment time. If for some reason the time and date doesn’t work, we will be flexible and reschedule. Thank you for your help with this.


Schedule for Week of August 24th

Schedule/Week of August 24th

Master Schedule for E3 First Grade