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Contact Information

Mr. Jim Radkey,  Room E-6


Home phone: 510 527 5282 Please do not call after 8 p.m.

Cell Phone: 510 207 7197 Please call after 3:00 on school days

  • Field trip date have not been established yet 
  • Shadow Cliff RP Wednesday, October 2019
  • Oakland Zoo Monday, December 2019)
  • Rancho Macedo  March 2020
  • Forest Home Farm  April 2020
  • The Old School House, May 2020


Mr. Radkey


The room is packed up and it looks so empty!!!  I heard one student say to another on the day after open house,

"It looks just like it did at the beginning of the year."

The Student replied, "No it looks worse!  It is so empty!"

With that said everyone should be relaxing with a cool glass of water doing DreamBox until July 31st!!!!

I truly hope everyone is having a good summer.  See you in August!!!!


Wednesday, July 31st DreamBox  should stop working

Monday, August 12th, Staff Development Day

Tuesday, August 13th, First day of the new School Year.  (Minimum day)

Pictures for 2018-2019 school year

Load your class photos to shutterfly so we can all enjoy them. 



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DAILY Take Their Thing A Ma Jig (pendoflex) home with MATH JOURNAL and RED FOLDER inside.

Do nightly homework that is written on the daily assignment sheet

Read each night for at least 20 minutes or more and log it.

Bring a good snack to school each day with your name on it.

Return all of the above to class the next day.


Here is a bit of background information on me, Mr. James Radkey. 

I was born in a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, named Park Forest.  It was a great place to grow up.  I will use many of the adventures of my childhood in the classroom to entertain your students.  There were many adventures with my siblings, 3 brothers and one sister as they took care of the baby of the family. 


Upon graduation from High school I embarked on a 10 year adventure with the United States Marine Corps.  I started out in the infantry, moved to artillery and then became an aerial navigator on a C-130 transport.  My main reason for joining was to go see the world.  The first 4 years I spent in the beautiful colorful (if you like brown) Mojave Desert.  Once I became an aviator my wish to see the world was fulfilled.  I have traveled to 4 continents, waved at Santa, and have flown enough hours to have gone around the world about 4 times. 

The adventurous life came to an end when I decided it was time to get out and use the educational benefits to get a college education.  (the real reason I joined the Marines)  I attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (Saluki’s) and graduated with a BA degree in Communications.  

My Fantastic brother convinced me to give up the 4 seasons and move to California.  All through my military career I became an instructor in the specialty I was assigned. In college I helped new military veteran students learn about their benefits and how to adjust to their new life.  With this in mind I started looking for a job in education because I really enjoyed helping people reach for their futures.

I went back to school at the Cal State Hayward for my teaching credential.  Upon completion of the program I subbed all over the bay area at all different grade levels.  I was hired by SRVUSD 1n 1995.    Well here it is 2015 and it has been 20 years.  I have taught K, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Yes 3rd is my favorite grade.

During this time I met my wife of 21 years, Pamela, who is also a teacher, and brought two fantastic kids into this world.  There is my oldest Alison who will be a Freshman in college this year and Ryan who will also be a freshman in high school.  They are both very active in volleyball, baseball, track, soccer, and choir, way to many activities for their parents to keep up with.

My hobbies also include scuba diving, biking, model railroading, and carpentry.  There are many more but never enough time!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!!

Back To School Night 18-19 Presentation

Click on the link to view the information that was shared at Back To School Night Web BTSN Power Point 18-19.pptx (PPTX)